Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should we retain Bingu or elect another guy?

The election fever is fast sweeping the country. This promises to be a tough election but nonetheless, the real winner will be democracy as we face this strenous test.

I have not made up my mind on who i will cast my vote for. But I ask one question!!Should Malawians retain Bingu or opt for a new leader? What are the stark diffrences that have prevailed in the three different regimes? Are there any ideoloigical diffrences in how the leaders tackle the issues that affect us most or we are still blinded in the agrarian brain of tribes?

For me, I think for me, I would opt for a leader that takes Malawi to greater heights and nurtures the hardworking spirit that is often stifled by politicians who often are afraid to see an average Malawina rise for fear of being challenged. I dont want to see a leader in office whose version of development is having food on the table, a good house and clothes....this is all crap because this is just the bottom of a niche....these to me are just basic needs all i should say reuirements for a body or a living thing to function!!!

Come May 19, I would cast a vote for a folk that empowers the middle class, who often drive an economy..someone who will put in policies that encourage us to invest and participate in economic activities,,,,not a giving us a loan to buy a Dubai mini.bus, but real stuff..joint ventires with global businesses, someone who can put in measures to expand access to tertially education and let young people leran diffrent trades and skills....not someone who thinks life means growing maize or country has ever developed by growing crops....its crap i say!!!!or i repeat. That we need to have well to do Malawians not because one store from the other but equitable distribution to economic opportunity enhanced through all avenues that allow people to be is key though.....someone who can put in deliberate initiatives to make Malawi a vibrant business destination...modern financial system....not those crazy ques you see at ATMs, diverse telecommunication and transport friendly laws, a parliment well committed to legislative functions instead of kindergattern cheap brothel like politiking!!!

Back to my question!!!Should we retain Bingu? Or perhaps opt for others? Who is best placed to deal with these tough issues that remain critical to improving the welfare of our people, our country...The Land of Mudfish as some crazy mate wants ne to belive. We dont have such fish in Mzimba Hora but somewhere in Lake Kazuni and Kaulimi on Nyika Plateau....

I dont have have answers but help me decide who to vote for. Ur help will be apprecaited so much but no rewards!!Remember the Corrupt Practices Act pounces on weak fish like me.

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