Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memoirs of 2008!!!MALAWI

Folks I must admit that I have been inactive in the blog world since July 2008. My job is just too involving and has had barely time to blog except for routine face book chats. Besides, making a transition from being a student to a fully fledged professional is not a simple thing either. Nonetheless I thank God for wonderful achievements and a rich professional life that I have enjoyed in 2008. If there is any cynic, bring them on, and will testify gracefully about the wonder and power of our Lord Jesus. Happy New year to you all. God first.
Despite the many great things that have happened in my life in 2008, it is important to reflect on the great challenges that our country, MALAWI still faces. Malawi and its underpriviledged people means much to me than my individuality. In 2008, lots of our women have lost lives giving birth...lots of babies have been dumped in latrines, young girls have been defiled...many lives have been lost from illnesses otherwise treatable but medication has not been available in the very remote parts of our country. Our young people continue to be used as instruments of violence amongst selfish politicians who will do anything to get elected. We still have children that have to walk long distances to school simply because certain fraudster contractors never built schools despite getting paid from the public purse. So slow moves the wheels of justice to the benefit of corrupt moguls...I would even call them our version of oligarchs!!!Most of our rural people are still going hungry and a teacher has a responsibility of 200 children. Our nurses frustratingly work over night to save lives in conditions that have no respect for their own health...Remember the slogan Health for all by 2000!!! A wonderful chorus...a vision 2020 that seems more of a titanic portrait!!!
Yet the acclaimed economic growth seems not to be trickling down. Food prices have hit us to the extent that even the so called middle class...who often take a huge burden to acre for our extended families barely seem middle class enough. Poverty continues to worsen and livelihoods keep fast sliding into the valley of death...Come 2009, we will never learn lessons as country men. Our reason will be put to test but as usual the political masters will come and sing lies and convince the unsuspecting poor voter with heaps of slogans that promise heaven just like former US President Hoover with his “chicken in every pot and car in every garage” slogan.It never worked and the Great Depression happened. We gnash our teeth later. They will use and dump us as usual...they will divide us..they will let us fight each other while they dine and wine together..smoke designer cigars as we bury our own mothers dying giving birth, we weep they celebrate, as our blossoming hopes get plucked away by their vicious bees to make them more honey...we walk down tailed like a thieving dog towards a valley of premature death!!!
Let 2009 be a year of reckoning and seeking of divine intervention in a way that enlightens forces that determine our livelihoods, put aside their egos and spare us more suffering. Putting the faith in our Lord Jesus should reign over any lip, mind and soul in our MALAWI of 2009….that we jealously fought for. We need a better deal for our children, women and generations to come!!!Why are we still the least developed country in the world after years of many crazy political slogans and biblical quotes in the NATIONAL BUDGETS?