Monday, March 24, 2008

Vocational Training

Somehow I fail to understand how we Techinical colleges have been neglected in this country. With limited University places and expensive private colleges, Technical Colleges provide an opportunity to advance their careers in various trades and contribute to the devlopment of our nation.

Our population is young and growing so fast but somehow we have not gotten the messege. This thing that we cannot do it now bcaus it is expensive or its difficult is killing our nation. I would love a massive program to build technical colleges in each district in Malawi. If each district has a secondary school why not a Technical college where our youth can localise their skills and get ready to participate in the economic process. We have never planned for the future and we seem illogically contented with the status quo that somehow continues to harm us. If you build a secondary school you have to think of where the high school graduates will go.

Countries like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia, th so called East Asian tigers have made progress through massive investment in education includind Trades in the technical schools. If we mess around with education, this country will go nowhere but just stagnate as our neighbours overtake us.

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Anonymous said...

Ican not agree with you more Alick.More importantly,Vocational training develops intrepreneurship skills that is required to make our youths self employed and effectively contribute to economic growth and development.If we can not empower this critical mass of our society to effectively engage in devt activities, it doesnt matter how many good policies we may have.The overreliance on Government for employment as is currently the case in most less developed countries stiffles economic growth and devt and this can be effectively addressed by encouraging technical and vocational training amongst our youth.As regards to funds, I believe it is a question of setting priorities right.With serious political will, Government can afford, starting with the so called educational divisions before rolling down to the districts. Iam sure devt partners can come in to support certain components of the project package.